ENZI Footwear Leather in Production

How We Make ENZI Shoes: The Materials

ENZI shoes are crafted from high quality materials.  We take our time selecting the finest leather to ensure we deliver premium goods to our customers. For our main collection, we work closely with our suppliers to source the highest-quality leather we can find, while making use off-cut leather for our made-to-order shoes in a bid to produce less waste. 

Each of our shoes is unique and may vary slightly as we use leather made from animals that have led a full life. This also adds a much-needed income for the farmers and the local producers we work with.

We work with a local artisan to produce an eco-friendly shoe box that's made with the fibers of the local enset plant and recycled paper. Each shoe box is crafted from scratch by hand.

We also support a small local outreach program that helps vulnerable women with HIV and teaches them an ancient traditional skill of making indigenous cotton fabrics. We source all our cotton fabrics for our bags from this program.