ENZI Footwear Leather in Production

How We Make ENZI Shoes: The Materials

ENZI shoes are crafted from high quality materials.  We take our time selecting the finest leather to ensure we deliver premium goods to our customers. For our main collection, we work closely with our suppliers to source the highest-quality leather we can find, while making use off-cut leather...
ENZI Footwear Workshop Team

Meet the Makers of ENZI Shoes

At the core of our brand is a dedicated team who work diligently every day towards our shared vision.  We deeply believe in a transparent process that bridges the gap between producers and buyers and have been working towards this for nearly a decade. So we are very proud to introduce to you the superheroes that make your ENZI shoes:
The Story of How ENZI Footwear Was Born

The Story of How ENZI Footwear Was Born

ENZI began as a dream shared by friends in a high school in Kenya. Growing up, there were no African brands to reflect the aesthetic and aspirations of a new generation of young Africans. What if they could create a brand that would reflect the rising hopes of a rising Africa? Years later, after ...