About ENZI

ENZI is a premium footwear brand that is part of a new narrative of African creativity, craftsmanship and enterprise.  Designed, sourced and crafted by hand in East Africa, ENZI is at the leading edge of a new movement of urban-oriented, globally-minded African designers and entrepreneurs.



ENZI began as a dream shared by friends in a high school in Kenya. Growing up there were no African brands to reflect the aesthetic and aspirations of a new generation of young Africans. What if they could create a brand that would reflect the rising hopes of a rising Africa.

Years later, after countless hours and iterations, after frustrations and mistakes, an in-house manufacturing process was refined and the dream became reality. New styles continue to be developed, but the values remain consistent: reflect the best in design and manufacturing, and lead in responsibility to workers and to the environment.

ENZI is not just a story about a brand, ENZI is the story of a rising Africa. From concept to delivery, ENZI reflects the ambitions of many young Africans determined to see their creativity, ingenuity and industry recognized and enjoyed around the world.





Hand-selected raw materials and superior craftsmanship combine to create a style that is wearable everyday, everywhere. Clean, urban lines and highland leathers meet in a shoe that is refined, comfortable and versatile.

Every shoe is hand-made at ENZI’s workshop by artisans who are proud of their craft, proud of their product and proud of the ENZI brand.





Our customers are our partners: partners in elevating the perceptions and possibilities of African brands; partners in setting higher standards for accountability and responsibility in enterprise; partners in the story of a new and rising Africa.

When you wear the shoe, you own a part of the story.