At the core of our brand is a dedicated team who work diligently every day towards our shared vision.  We deeply believe in a transparent process that bridges the gap between producers and buyers and have been working towards this for nearly a decade. So we are very proud to introduce to you the super heroes that make your ENZIs!
Tilahun is our first hire and also a supervisor in the workshop. It's rare in life you find someone who will fully commit to your vision when all you have is a vision, but that just how special Tilahun is. He's the first one to crack a joke in the few words of English he knows, but also the first to stay late and put in the extra effort when ever needed. 
Etafferaw, or "Taffir" as we call her, is our amazing seamstress and part-time workshop mother figure. She will laugh at everyone's jokes and makes sure everyone gets their tea just how they like it after lunch. Everyday she effortlessly nails the stitch work perfectly with humility and a smile on her face. 

Gettinet, whom we call Gech, is our master cutter and supervisor. Gech is incredibly gifted and helps coach everyone through each step of production. People who know footwear sometimes can't believe that our shoes are cut by hand, and that's down to Gech and his commitment to excellence.  
Teweded carefully works on prepping different parts of production and finishing. She's the shy and quiet one in the group who never wants to be the center of attention. You know you've told a real good joke when Teweded can't help but burst into laughter.